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Creating a ceramic form that plays with the shadows that the curves in a piece unfold is what I love. The environment around me is very important. Natural colors, organic looks, smooth surfaces and strange curves that are balanced is what I am drawn to. I am driven to create out of true love for throwing and an appreciation for the versatility of clay and the freedom it allows.

My energy and emotion go into every piece, so it will appear like a story, a form that has something to tell, something to share, wanting to be touched. The motion of centering the clay makes me calm and focused and it gives me time to think about  the shape I think it wants to become and the direction I will take it.

The strong will of clay and the challenge it brings with it makes it a perfect medium for me to work with. Because of the changing shapes that results from my touch and it’s intriguing beauty of the material, I feel that there is a lifetime of possibilities waiting for me to discover.